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If that is a special Adata branded free version of True Image, then you can't get it here. Just want to share i have the same problem. It just sends me around in the same circles, and I still can't contact support except thru the forums. That's what I had installed on this laptop before it crashed, opnet simulator windows 7 and I have the key.

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All of your conflicting forum information is just sending me round around in circles. Which I did while I still had Sergey on the other phone. Just in case I sent you a link to a correct file via private message. Can it really be this hard?

Troubleshooting Scheduled Backup Issues. It takes so long to get things done and i liked Acronis before. Available languages of Acronis products.

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Troubleshooting Universal Restore and Bootability Issues. If you are restoring to the same computer, the application will offer the destination partitions automatically. Thank you in advance, Charl. Someone from support actually rang me, and left a message asking me to ring back.

Les Seiler's Backup Video. If you have several versions of the backup, press Recover last version to recover the system from the backup to the latest state.

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Where to find it to install. In interim though, if you know a relevant link, I'd appreciate it. Acronis Nonstop Backup Pauses. If the target partition does not have enough space for all the data contained in partition image, it will be grayed out on Partition destination screen. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

Any clues on how to get it? He had to go home while part of the recovery was happening, and we'll continue tomorrow. Acronis provides support for the current and immediately preceding versions of the product. Be patient, I would think tomorrow, Monday, you will hear something here.

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Solid state drive support in Acronis products. Media Supported by Backup to Cloud. See Acronis Bootable Media displays wrong drive letters.

Is there somewhere else I can download it from? Use the activation key you already have.

Their Technical Support team would be able to best advise you. If you are restoring a system partition, the application will ask you to reboot in order to continue recovery.

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Acronis 2013

Will elevate this for you. Your case status you can always check under your account. You'll need to get it from Adata. Our mission is to create Customer success.

Windows Linux-based bootable media. Windows activation required after restore with Acronis Universal Restore, cloning or converting backup to virtual machine. Troubleshooting Operating System Crashes.

Just no hint whatsoever that it was somewhere in the computer. We recommend that you reach out to them using those options for our additional questions about restoring your system. After uninstalling Acronis product the entry in software list remains. So I clicked on it in task manager and away it went. Though I have used Acronis before, so of course I do believe it.

Acronis Bootable Media can also be used to do any recovery operation. Acronis Bootable Media is especially useful if the computer does not boot or when you need to restore to a machine that has no operating system installed. Firewall settings for Acronis products. The version that you selected is no longer supported. All I've got to do now is work out how to reinstate my system from the backup.

How to clone a laptop hard drive. And no contact whatsoever from Acronis. And without beeing relayed via a nightmare of cross-referencing web sites with broken references.

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You can also get warranty support for any data recovery issue. The partition and drive letters in Acronis Bootable Media may differ from the ones displayed in Windows. How to find the serial number of your Acronis product. Does that mean that someone will reply on the original forum page, or contact me somehow?

Most frustrating to get a sense of a scam. Otherwise simply follow this illustrated guide. Select a backup from which to recover and press Next. Your website and install options are unhelpful.