What was the video game about? Rayne is able to summon her last reserves of strength and plunge the bolt into his heart. The location of the heart talisman is known to Katarin as her grandfather hid it in water-filled caves. Upon awakening, Beliar is intent upon reclaiming his body parts from both Wulf and Rayne. Madalina Constantin as Amanda.

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BloodRayne is a poorly made film that squanders all of its potential. Newton, life is like a penis.

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But still, I figured that I would see what the film had to offer. She drops a grenade on their position as she leaves. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Critics ridiculed Boll for hiring actual prostitutes instead of actors for a scene featuring Meat Loaf in order to save on production costs. Rayne finds out that Mynce is alive and she is working for Wulf. On the road, she encounters and saves a family being attacked by vampires.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Its simply hilarious and worth the admission price alone. An ex-Special Forces soldier gets thrown back to medieval times to fulfill an ancient prophecy and ends up finding redemption for his own battlefield experiences.

Rayne managed to triumph over the both of them and was told that her father had been found. Sebastian, Vladimir, and Katarin are three members of the Brimstone Society, a group of warriors sworn to fight vampires.

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Based on a video game, BloodRayne is a gory action film that's astonishingly bad. BloodRayne Critics Consensus BloodRayne is an absurd sword-and-sorcery vid-game adaptation from schlock-maestro Uwe Boll, featuring a distinguished and slumming cast. For the movie based on the video game, see BloodRayne film. The woman trips and the man pauses long enough to help her up, shirdi sai baba satcharitra telugu audio only to be dragged into a dark alleyway by a chain. Matthew Davis as Sebastian.

The eye overcomes holy water, the rib overcomes the cross, and the heart overcomes sunlight. He plans to extract the eye as part of a ritual. Mynce and Rayne head off to find Hedrox and take the heart, but a gate separates Mynce from Rayne and Mynce is attacked by Wulf, who kills her by ripping out her heart.

In the Eighteenth Century, Rayne is the half-human half-vampire Dhampir and the lead attraction in a carnival's freak-show in Romania. In a posting then on the then active BloodRayne. Things go haywire when it turns out he's chosen to return to the Middle Ages and bring back order to a kingdom in chaos. Five Favorite Films with Uwe Boll. In a boat yard, she discovers the Queen of the Underworld.

Films directed by Uwe Boll. Another good thing is the guy with the mullet Matthew Davis. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Does Boll deviate from the storyline? Darren Shahlavi as Priest.

One where we paid millions for him to produce deliberately God awful garbage because we thought it appeased some Dark God? She decides to find her vampire father who is the powerful vampire Kagan.

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Rayne falls on the ground in pain. Biological masses are carrying a disease that change humans into monsters called Mutates. However, Rayne still has an ever-present dark side that is constantly shown throughout the series. The German hack, the one-man Blitzkrieg of Bad, is the worst filmmaker in the movies today. Rayne is brought to the headquarters of the Brimstone Society and they agree to work together to kill Kagan.

At first, I didn't realize that Uwe Boll had any involvement with this production. She seeks for powerful talismans to defeat Kagan, while the skilled warriors Vladimir and Sebastian train her to face the forces of Kagan and her human side falls in love with Sebastian. It's time to start paying attention to the oeuvre of German director Uwe Boll. Then again, the topless babes in his scenes totally make up for his fat ass.

Christian C Super Reviewer. Iulia Muresanu as Vampire No. The director Uwe Boll isn't really that bad as people say he is. Most Recent Forum Activity.

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He looked almost as ridiculous as Ben Kingsley with a wig. Also, it looks like Durham is set in some alternate super sci-fi future. After that, Rayne meets with Mynce, again who informs her that she is a double agent, but Rayne doesn't believe her.

Blood and tits go without saying for modern day directors anyway. Rayne must find the top members of G. BloodRayne is a third-person shooter video game series developed by Terminal Reality and published by Majesco Entertainment. Now for the not so great aspects of the movie. Rayne sets out to the monastery where it is hidden to find it.

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