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Really not sure why you're getting downvoted for providing a valid explanation. And that too for something so basic. Did Spotify change their rules about covers recently or something? Don't you mean Chris Lake? These singles were featured on his sixth studio album, Album Title Goes Here.

Riding change is fucking easy. So it seems like outside of the artist relying on a gimmick someone else road tested for a decade prior, they can't build a career for shit and their business model is fundamentally flawed. Still doesn't credit him in the title.

They don't give a fuck about a full album. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. World Intellectual Property Review. The title is irrelevant here. Also, no I'm not a copyright lawyer obviously, so if there is one here to help explain this better than I have, feel free!

And to any dumbfuck journalist that might read and try to spin this - Here is Joel from a past interview discussing this exact issue based on his past experience. Under the same artist and song title. Well then I guess we have words.

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Raise Your Weapon

You don't credit the original artists in the title of covers. Why would I credit him in the title? If you can do something, do it. Now legally that's fine now morally, that's up to you guys. Guy seems like an asshole.

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Words and melody and publishing are mine. After discovering the trademark, Zimmerman petitioned against it, citing his pre-existing uses. According to Zimmerman's father, he said that it had a smell of burnt wire and had a strange odour. Harry Fox who pay out the responsible writers of the composition.

Ripping my heart was so easy, so easy Launch your assault now, take it easy Raise your weapon, raise your weapon One word and it's over. Raise your weapons, raise your weapons and it's over. Dropping your bombs now On all we've built How does it feel now to watch it burn, burn, burn? Your fans even told you in this thread that I manage it, ralph compton books I don't make music. Part of being a professional musician in this day and age is to be vigilant and protect your works.

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Fortunately human laws have deemed this legal. Rules further explained here. Zimmerman produces a variety of styles within the progressive house genre and sometimes other forms of electronic music.

And which one makes it okay for him to steal it. Before my rebranding, I used to do this type of music for years before rezz and k? It ought to credit the original composer in the title, at least be consistent with the way you credit people mate. They both became popular from original music and are both arguably the most hype new faces in dance music right now.

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If you're frustrated because the project is seemingly taking a cheap approach compared to what you've achieved in music, sure be frustrated. Artist development should start with an artist, not everyone else. Below is a citation from the official copyright. If you didn't care why did you ask in the first place? What does this song mean to you?

Track submissions without the track title in the post title. It just seems backwards to me with what other labels struggle with in terms of breaking an artist.

Want to add to the discussion? When did they reach out or when am I fixing it? Zimmerman has received six Grammy Award nominations for his work. So the majority of artists are looking for that next big single. Congratulations Trap Nation, like seriously haha.

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To me he doesn't have his own style but all artists find their style eventually. That right there means you're following a blatantly obvious playbook that you're too scared to deviate from because it's fucking hard to be original. Zimmerman started to dismantle his computer and happened to find a dead mouse. Hell even Fisher right now. Stream that shit or torrent it because it's just the flavor of the week.

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He was given the idea to wear a headdress based on the logo by one of his friends, Jay Gordon of the industrial metal band Orgy. He also has original stuff however it's not as promoted as well as the covers. Thank you, I appreciate the feedback and love your work, Joel. Can you really blame me for being a bit salty at the way this works?

Not sure if you noticed this or not, but the guy you're responding to is Trap Nation per his user history. They do that all the time and then proceed to do nothing with them afterward. Joel, keep in mind that you are literally bashing on Trap Nation for being on reddit instead of managing his artists, when you are doing exactly the same thing. Personal information of any kind relating to Joel. Joel's legal team reached out and we're going to fix that, so that's obviously our fault.

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But seriously, does the guy not do original work? You guys dont know me for sure with the oversaturation in the industry so you can only take my words and decide what you wanna do with that. Check out the exclusive list of artists here! This guy has been putting out some great stuff lately.