Funny Audio Songs

We're home right now screening our calls. But I can take your message. Any Title Author Description. Then browse a place in your hard disk to store it. Our offices are closed because everyone is at the doughnut shop.

The man, the movie, the legend. You have reached the Sixth Sense Detective Agency. Click Save and wait a few seconds. You have just reached the amazing Ronfold automatic answering machine. Funny audio clips from the classic Monty Python comedy spoof of the King Arthur legend.

We're unavailable to take your call at this time. We can't come to the phone at the moment cause we is all tied up.

You have reached the offices of the Society for the Protection of Cloning. We're not in right now to take your call. Cartoons just wouldn't be cartoons without the loopy, larger-than-life sound effects. Larry David - Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you would like to press two, press two.

Get all the new funny stuff emailed each day. Record sounds, add effects, change pitch and timbre, save, cut, paste the expected sound wave, and do much more things with these audio clip maker tools. Do you dare accost me in this manner? Differents Electronic Tone. The Three Stooges Soundboard.

Like, my parents say all I do is give them attitude, right. Tutorials for Music Morpher.

The minister of mental heath calls the Church of Scientology and more. We can't come to the phone right now. Sound clips form the Borat movie film. The Mister and Misses can't come to the phone right now. You see nobody can take your call right now.


Fart tunes and fart sounds that are truly a gas! Ultimate Duke Nukem Soundboard. Where did you get this number?

Orange Free Sounds

When spice girls change sexs. Jack Nicholson Prank Calls.

This is the ultimate Duke Nukem soundboard, with new stuff added as I find it. You've reached the Institute for Split Personality Research. Pee Wee Herman - Audio Clips.

You leave a message on this machine. So, you've decided to give us a call.

Please do not eat the urinal cakes. Laurent Voulzy Dernier Baiser. What am I saying, there's no one there.


Punjabi Devotional Songs

Funny audio clips of Washington post radio talk show host David Burd. Funny Audio Files Funny audio files, sound files, peter tosh mp3 and answering machine messages.

Monty Python Holy Grail Soundboard. Paul Reubens plays the neat freak with the red boe tie and white shoes. All lines are busy right now.

Top 12 Funniest Songs Ever Known To Mankind .. Ever (maybe)

Beam your phone up with these great ringtones from the Star Trek tv series. Walla Walla From Cantina Creatures.