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2. Apple boot logo

Let us know if you have any success. Apple Loading Circle As another simple replacement, this custom logo adds a matching, circular loading bar around the default Apple logo. Hope the life changes smooth out for you!

Feel free to contact me if you need help with that site. Let us know if you get it working!

The efficient iPhone software permits the user to move any of the icons to a arrange of their choosing, generous a personalization choice that was not existing at begin, that is closing date. Contact Consumer Cellular Use either email or telephone I used telephone and ask them to activate data for your cell phone.

Pretty sure my plist is exactly what you have in your latest update. Anything is possible my friend.

Make sure you select the right boxes here. When the jailbreak comes available we will be able to do some testing and see what works. If I go that route, do I still need to use unlockit.

IPhone 3GS on Consumer Cellular with Edge data working

Is there any hack to get that back? The steps outlined below, can be used to jailbreak your device, as well, but you make a couple of different choices along the way. This installs a separate TetherMe profile in addition to giving access to the Cellular Data Network tab. Install the CommCenter patch. You want to wait for an unteathered jailbreak.

Gamerdomey custom boot logo. And what does all this have to do with FileZilla and my original intention, fonts navigator editing files on the iPhone? System Check Boot Logo This geeky boot logo replacement shows you what the internal process of booting your iPhone looks like. This geeky boot logo replacement shows you what the internal process of booting your iPhone looks like.

Looks like your code got mangled. Please check and try again. Then I called back again today and talked with a different rep.

Saving money every single month! It took a great deal of hacking at carrier bundles. The only thing you can really do is take the battery out and turn her on again, in which case you once again end up in the endless screensaver loop. How do I do that with no internet. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Loaded the same video, and it worked in seconds. What methods do you find to be the easiest?

Once I did this the Cellular Data Network option appeard. Community Experts online right now. This should essentially do the exact same thing as unlockit.

This next part is crucial. Messed about with the Consumer Cellular settings and using wap. Uggh, are there instructions for people that are not technically inclined. Unfortunately, still did not work.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 3G iOS with RedSn0w145 Replies to iPhone 3GS on Consumer Cellular with Edge data working

Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Oh and one more very good thing to report! It does show up on the Consumer Cellular website now too. This was Monday night, today Weds. Apple Logo Scatter This one plays off of the default Apple logo.

You need an editor that supports binary, like the Apple plist editor. Or am I making it too simple? It is uninstallable in Cydia. Finally, arranged the barefaced usefulness and ease of utilize, everybody's mileage will differ depending on usage.

Teathered means that you will have to be plugged in to your computer to reboot your device. Scott, let us know if you have any luck setting it up. We request you to try again after some time. It is offensive or harmful.

Now just need to watch the useage. If you want to be able to send pictures in text messages proceed to step two. Feel free to get creative, just stick to these rules.


In order to get areound this I neede to install a ComCenterPatch that would bypass the security settings and allow me to create a custom plist. However, before I replied to Bill I wanted to make sure my data was still working. Much more effective than calling their phone support. And is it true what Apple says that you can permanently damage your phone by jail breaking? So to answer your question, the only thing you may lose, is the phone.

Glad they finally heard the message. Then I opened it and installed it, rebooted and data worked fine. No way to recover it as a phone? The display's goblet outside, accelerometer feature, touch interface, and minor menus stay the same.

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