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When you click on the button the program will take a while to read through the whole book to locate and put together all yogas and quotes that apply. The last features tells you how to manage files for research. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. The installation program should launch automatically.

Technically the product seems ok, but the user friendliness seems a bit outdated. The third work Hora Sara has, as a unique feature, the qualities of the Nakshatras. Now you can scan through all the lines, and judge based on your analysis of the dashas which time of birth give dasha combinations that fit the events most.

Similarly, Mars and Saturn have their unique angles. Their names are listed at the top of the screen. In the top left corner of the Chart style options screen, you will see the choice of the five styles, the circular Western style being the third choice. On the left side of the screen you will see the days of the month numbered. Points in chart', allows you to specify which points in the natal chart are to be considered.

You will see a line above the chart. So far we discussed information that automatically appears on the screen.

Parasharas Light 9 New Features

Start with specifying which files to include in this search, by selecting one directory. The first two features described here operate on groups of charts that you already have entered, but want to study as a group.

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Reading a Chapter You can scroll through the text by clicking on the scroll bars on the side of the text window frame. The entry is copied to the Selected Classification list.

For the first day of the month, the dasha running at that time is shown. You should get a dialog box where you can select a different date.

However, occasionally you will have to scroll through the chapter to find the right paragraph. The chart will be recalculated for the new date. From the square house where the Ascendant is located, all the other houses follow in clockwise order.

Parashara s Light Download (Free trial) - PLexe

Right clicking on an open space Right clicking on an open space in a chart, or anywhere in a table brings up a small popup menu. The Birth Data screen appears. In all case, it will include a Copy command, to take a snapshot of the worksheet cell on the clipboard.

Therefore it is recommended that you make the selection in the order indicated, from the top to the bottom. The user may also add personal interpretive text to the program. Enemy, gives the Dignity of the planet.

But often you would like all of them to change simultaneously so you can easily see all calcu- lations for the same event by changing just one. You will have to enter a correct state name first. The second line shows the path that was selected, and the sample size number of charts that was found in the directory.

Parashara's Light supports both the systems. Updates will be downloadable from our web site parashara. Parashara Light supports a special Compatibility - Composite worksheet which can be accessed through the Charts menu or the Select Worksheet screen. If you press any character key this character will replace the entire area that is highlighted. All options dialogs have been combined, and slightly reorganized, aq world hack into a tabbed multi-pane form.

The entry gets added to the Available Classification List. An example of a point that can be calculated this way is Gulika. One fourth, half, full, negligible, and nil are the grades of the results due to a planet in infant, adolescent, youthful, old, and dead Avastha.

This will open a file selection dialog. Using the Graphical Ephemeris The purpose of the Graphical Ephemeris is to give you an overview of the tran- sits for a period of time, along with the changes in dashas.

Each column shows the periods of the nine dashas that make up one full cycle. The program will take some time dependent on how many files you have in the directory you selected. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. The current topic that is used by the thermometer is shown just above it.

At the very bottom b are two more lines. The table in the right lower corner displays the date and time for which the transit position of planets are shown in the chart. The planet in transit to consider. If you are unable to download the adodriver. For each of these fictitious times of birth, the columns show what dasha would have been running at the time of the events.

The country is selected from a pull down list. For more information on the Drekkana that the planet is placed in click on the field Drekkanas.

The Year lord and Panchadikaris Experts in Varshaphala will want to see the year lord and the Panchadhikaris five office bearers. Cons It is sad that these guys want to make money so bad that they subject people to a buggy funky product!