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Here, Sam meets Hannah Stewart. This is bad because that the man pushing buttons is friends with the town sheriff. Ralph Compton stood six-foot-eight without his boots. When they deliver a wagon of scotch to a shantytown saloon, the bartender drops dead before paying. Ralph Compton has new works being released that he wrote before his death.

Ralph Compton

The Sandlin gang kicked up that dust as they rode back laughing into Mexico, where the U. Mercenaries who rode the high boxes of freight wagons across a treacherous wilderness. Stampedes, rustlers, and hostile Indians wouldn't slow them down. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book!

Ralph compton western books

There are also many writing groups, organizations, and even foundations that are named after Ralph Compton. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Any authors or characters we're missing that we should add? Ralph Compton has sold thousand and thousands of his books, which can be purchased at local bookstores all around the world.

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Riding his chestnut mare to Texas to buy himself some cattle, the best gunsmith in St. This is truly one of the best authors of all tidme.

Between Kansas City and Montana Territory were a thousand ways to die-and a few bold men who would never turn back. During his preaching, Paul realizes there are many men within this city that are sinning on a daily basis. The first book, Death Rides A Chestnut Mare, Daniel Strange is an outlaw that rides through Texas and other states to stay away from other outlaws looking to kill him.

It's in the lawless Indian Territory that Daniel Strange meets his demise. Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo. These works will be released in the years to come, and there may even be movies being made from previous books.

Sawyer ends up on a path he did not expect. Though his writings depict real life issues, Ralph Compton gives certain life lessons in his writings, too. Through a thousand miles of dust, fists, and guns, they found the courage to keep on driving. West of Pecos with David Robbins. The main series is Strange family.

Paul has come to Pueblito Verde to preach to people. However, Ralph Compton still manages to win awards even to this day, and there are many people trying to follow these same footsteps. Ralph Compton has also been the recipient of many other awards, and many people consider Ralph Compton one of the best novel writers of all time. Ralph Compton was the recipient of the Medicine Pipe Bearer Award, which is awarded to writers with an amazing first novel.

He has driven cattle all of his life, and he is at the point now where he wants to retire. Ralph Compton was more worried about people reading works than people reading about him. Jed and Tim are willing to put their own lives on the line in order to discover the truth. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations.

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Ralph Compton was born in the early nineteen thirties, and he died in nineteen ninety-eight. Ralph Compton was a man that seen a lot in life and had a lot of questions about life. Today, website design samples the publishing company that once published the books of Ralph Compton now publishes books from authors with similar qualities. The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted. Ralph Compton Books In Order.

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However, an individual pushes his buttons by bringing up his past. Death Rides a Chestnut Mare. Soldiers died on open plains. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

Daniel will do whatever it takes to be free and be the top outlaw at the same time. The Omaha Trail with Jory Sherman.

Sixguns and Double Eagles. In fact, many writers decided to become writers after reading certain works of Ralph Compton. For a brave band of Texas pioneers, new enemies awaited on the thundering trail.

Ralph compton western books

Also in A Ralph Compton Western. Before having a full-fledged writing career, Compton had a number of jobs that included him using his writing skills.

However, Sam Sawyer does not know what he is in for engaging on this mission. Through all of this craziness, Paul must stick to what he believes in, and he must try to persuade the people to live a better lifestyle. However, there are men that are super evil that Paul does not know about.

The cattle came from Texas. Sam Sawyer wants to help Hannah, and he believes this is his next mission in life. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

An extraordinary saga of the trail-blazing cowboys who made their fortune driving cattle from Texas to the Great Frontier. This award earned Ralph Compton a lot of respect throughout the entire writing world, especially because he started he novel writing career late in life. These authors write about similar subjects that Compton wrote about, and all of these authors look up to Ralph Compton.

Order of Ralph Compton Books

The subjects that Ralph Compton writes about has a lot to do with the experiences he has had in his life. After war in the area, Charlie is left for dead. We are experiencing technical difficulties. They recently lost their father, whom was killed from a outlaw.

Jesse and Frank James led their gang on daring raids on banks and trains. Ralph Compton stood over six foot tall without his shoes on.