Swaminarayan Aarti In Gujarati

Thus, He is never looking at the bad qualities of soul but only looking at the good qualities. But a non-devotee thinks that he himself is the doer of everything, and thus is being subjected to so many failures and success. His turban is decorated with different beautiful flowers, whose scented pollen is falling on the flute imparting its fragrance to the flute. Shree Radha-Krsna Ashtaka navinajimut samanvarnam ratnolla satkundal shobhi karnam, mahakirita gramyurparnam, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

Arti is the symbolic waving of a lighted wick in a clockwise motion in front of the murti of Bhagwan while singing a prayer. These books known as Shastas or granths, were written under the expert guidance of Shreeman Mahaprabhu.

Interpretation of Aarti Dhun Stuti Prarthna


Lord Swaminarayan is further relieving the pain of this material world by giving us the protection of His mercy. After his guru Ramanand Swami passed away and appointed Bhagwan Swaminarayan as his successor, Muktanand Swami was reluctant to accept Bhagwan Swaminarayan as the present form of God. Lord Swaminarayan has Himself preached the principles of svarupadvaita. Person offering the Aarti should be clean physically, and should be wearing washed clean clothes. Aarti has to be sung in the most melodious way, nokia memory card format software accompanied by musical instruments.


Among women I am fame, fortune, fine speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness and patience. He who creates, maintains, and annihilates the entire cosmic creation, He who is the object of glorification by Vedas, He in whose one pore of body hair, millions of universes clusters like an atom. We die every moment and the final blow is known as death. Remember that I used to tell you all that I am just the drummer of the band, but the lead singer has yet to come. You are the absolute truth.

You are the maintainer of all the devotees. We may indulge in this worldly matters but the only motive should be to satisfy Lord Hari.

Jai mahatmya gyanyukta bhakti tav, akantik sukhdham. He established the true religion after His meeting with Shree Ramanda Swami, and performed many big sacrifices. This prayer was offered by H. Just for the benefit of the conditioned souls You have accepted this human form.

Supreme controller of everything. In order to accumulate and protect these belongings, a person undergoes varieties of activities that is binding him to this material world.

It is said that any activity that is not aimed at serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is binding us to this cycle of birth and death. As soon as our heart is clear we will be able to sight the Supreme Personality of Godhead in his most munificent form smiling at us. Lord Swaminarayan, who is the Ocean of Mercy, has bestowed a lot of mercy this time. All glories, All glories to my eternal master!


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This is Nam-kirtan, which is sung after the Aarti. He is known as Mukunda, the giver of mukti. The Divine brothers Nara-Narayan Dev has taken birth in the brahmin family as human beings. Jai ahi magoo kari vinay Hari, sada rakhiyo paas. Thus I always worship my Gururaj Shree Sahjanada Swami, who knowing this, out of compassion accepted human form naraprabham for our benefit.

It symbolizes the removal of darkness by true spiritual enlightenment. Excusing the offenses of Jobanpagi, He awarded him the best of all benedictions, prema. But by the mercy of Lord Shree Hari this has become very easy. You dictate the future of this whole universe, and You are the bestower of all peace.

Interpretation of Aarti Dhun Stuti Prarthna

Interpretation of Aarti Dhun Stuti Prarthna

Being in this conditioned form of life since time immemorial, our mind has become very agitated for sense enjoyment, and has become very unstable. Our acharyas have left for us an ocean of knowledge in the form of books. The lotus flower when in full bloom resembles Lords Feet.

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The incarnation of Shree Swaminarayan Mahaprabhu is considered one of the most merciful incarnation. It does not seem rational to us when all the others are enjoying their senses and living happily. Here the Lords Feet are described as Lotus Feet.

We should be praying to the Lord for the association of His pure devotees. To attain the love of God is very difficult. But one note is to be taken here that while interacting with other individuals it is preferable to judge the platform of the other person and then act accordingly. Rama is also another name of Krsna, which means always bissfull or happy.


The foot is like the middle portionof the lotus flower and the fingers are the petals. Nectar is always sweet and eternal. Kirtan-Leela This is the Aarti. Swami Shajanda is very merciful, powerful, and has a lot of names. Supreme Lord is above all the actions and reactions.