Wo Humsafar Tha Mp3 Full Song

Humsafar Title Song Ost Hum Tv Fawad Khan Mahira Khan

Also any songs composed by Khemchand prakash for talat sahib. Can you tell me where I can get an audio of this song? Dear kahlid, Thank you very much!

Woh Humsafar Tha Sad Version Video Music Download - WOMUSIC

Talat Mahmood is a Legend and there is no match to him. It reminds me of happy days in Calcutta. Sujay and from all of his family.

Love your dad and still listen to his music all the time. Otherwise, I still visit this site daily and get the same refreshing feeling as the first time. By the way this version is Rare. As a teenager I was watching the indian film for the first time. This was in the winters in early eighties.

Woh humsafar tha full song

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank you Khalid Mahmood for taking such great pains to create this website. Although, I lost touch with him, he was always with me because I listen to his velvet voice every day of my life.

Now you can download Humsafar Background Tune. Here a visitor is looking for real old music - full of songs - you being his son must look into this - the site should have almost all songs! But I realized that how beautifully rather artfully he justified the tune with his soulful voice and was so close to the tune of the original symphony. We always wished for the entire collection of his personal records, zephyr regular font and we heartfully thank you for all the hardwork you are carrying out. Westernisation of hindi songs is nothing but a disaster.

Khaled for keeping Talat's cherished memories alive. Who can forget the following songs that made him immortalized in Hindi Film Songs. He is gone but his songs will remain to remember him for years to come. Can you kindly put all three of them some time on your web.

Woh Humsafar Tha Lyrics Quratulain Balouch

Woh humsafar tha full song

So I just thought of wrting a few words. The blessings of millions of fans are with you. The film was never released and the only tape containing those songs had disappeared years ago.

He sang two of my request songs also. ButI want script for talat sahabs Songs so I can read that songs. When I sit alone and listen to him I feel I do not need a companion, cause I have a friend with me who understands my emotions, my feelings.

Ek bar mujhe pretum keh ke is immortal. You've done a good job and I liked your site. They admired the selection and dedication with which he went beyond the stipulated time for his fans. If you have the audio, can you put this up on the site. The perfect urdu diction was unparalleled.

This site only falls short of celebrating the more obscure part of the hero's life, his lucknow days. He continued in spite of the sore throat and no one was really bothered that Talat saab needed a rest. As I was watching the movie Dilip Kumar came on the screen and the voice of Talat Mahmood, the song was koi nahin mera is duniya men.

That's what I call being a saintly gentleman who willingly accepts pain for the pleasure of others. Besides all of his singing and voice qualities, he looks very descent, calm and sober, elegant.

Wo Humsafar Tha Song Download

When we parted ways, Neither you cried nor I, But, what is this, A peaceful sleep since, Has not touched our eyes? When I was growing up, whenever I heard Talatsaab on the Aakashwani, I will stop everything and just listen to that heart touching voice. If I ever loose it, I will be lost. It is not case with any other singer. His Gazals have extrodinary power to induce a sense of enjoyment out of sadness and lonliness.

Wo Hamsafar Tha with English Translation

Such was his calibare that upon hearing his Bengali Songs, it is hard to believe that he was not a Bengali. Hope you continue to sing and serenade your listeners, since you have your Father's voice.

Khalid Bhai, every night I use to hear Talat Saab for a good sleep. Khalid Saheb, I want to meet you and hold you in my arms. Khalid sahab, you have taken trouble to create this superb site on your legendary father.

Your site helped me to get such rare songs which I did not hve. Besides this, he sung all of his songs very easily and effortlessly. As I love him I appreciate highly u and this site as well as.

It was great to find this site. It is a sad state of affairs that the worlds best ghazal singer remained less heard than ordinary talents like Jagjit Singh, Pankaj Udhas and Anup Jalota during the ghazal wave. He had a sore throat and he felt he was not at his best, kept apologising for that but continued. What a great singer he was! Well, I have most of the popular songs and gazals, but when I saw the site I understood that I am missing a lot.

Humsafar Title Song Ost Hum Tv Fawad Khan Mahira Khan

Let me know where I can get some of his old hits filmy or other. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Shukar hai aapka ke aapne unhe taro taaza rakhne ka saman bana diya. It has been seven years since Talat Sahib left us. Expressing his regrets he had informed that since that was the private property of the A. His outstanding performance in gazals is unforgeteble.

This was one concert of his that I heard standing as I was late and the hall was packed to capacity. We enjoyed the show very much. It was great to know about his family and see the pictures.

Had dinner with him at my brother's house after his concert. Your father is one of my most favorite singers of all time!